Food intake regulation: physiological and Physiopathological aspects


Monday , 17  November : Opening

Time Title Speaker
 8.30 AM: Registration
 9.00 AM: Opening Ceremony
9.15 AM: Welcome address and Session I

Physiology of food intake regulation: Distributed integrative mechanisms of feeding regulation among hypothalamus and dorsal vagal complex of the mammalian brain.

 Pr Mohamed Najimi, Beni Mellal, Morocco,
11.00  AM : Coffee break
11.15  AM : Neurochemical aspects of food intake regulation. Pr Anne Duittoz, Université Franois Rabelais, Tours, France
1.00 PM: Lunch
2.40 PM: Session 2:

Micronutrient deficiencies, brain development and Cognitive performances.

 Pr Youssef Abousaleh, Fac Sciences, Kenitra, Morocco
4.30 PM: Food intake physiopathology: cognitive and neuropsychological amelioration of food intake disorders in Morocco. Pr. Ahmed Ahami, Faculty of Sciences, Kenitra, Morocco.
6.30 PM: Coffee break and end of program

Tuesday 18  November : Social Program


Wednesday , 19  November : Session 2

Nutrition, Stress, & Addiction
Workshop co-sponsored by Minnesota-Morocco Stress and Addiction Program (MIMOSA) and the Africa and Middle East Congress on Addiction (AMECA)

Faculty Members:

  • Motohiro Nakajima
  • Andrine Lemieux
  • Richard Hoffman
  • Mustafa al’Absi


The focus of this one-day workshop is to address the interactions of nutrition, addiction, and stress from biological, psychosocial, and behavioral perspectives. Neurobiological mechanisms and methods for research and assessment will be covered.

Time Title Speaker
9:00 AM: Introductory remarks on the workshop theme Mustafa al’Absi
9:30 AM: Neurobiology of addiction and reward pathways  Mustafa al’Absi & Andrine Lemieux
10:00 AM: Addiction and appetite hormone  Andrine Lemieux
10.30 AM: Break
11.00 AM: Food as an addictive substance Richard Hoffman & Andrine Lemieux
11:30 AM: Examples of research on addiction, stress, and appetite regulation 
a. Protocols to study stress and nutrition Mustafa al’Absi
Stress and taste perception   Motohiro Nakajima
12.30 PM: Lunch
2.00 PM: Assessment methods of nutrition
a. Example (Nutrihand and similar assessment methods)  Motohiro Nakajima
b. Hand-on exercise  Motohiro Nakajima
c. Other assessment methods  Richard Hoffman & Motohiro Nakajima
3:00 PM: Break
4:00 PM: Discussion about challenges and limitations of existing methods of assessment  Richard Hoffman and the rest of the group
4.30 PM: Waterpipe tobacco dependent and food intake: cross-sectional study Dr. Mustafa Al’Absi. Minnesota University, USA

Thursday , 20  November : Session 3

Time Title Speaker
8.30 AM: Discovery and mechanism of action of a novel orexigenic neuropeptide, 26RFa, in the hypothalamic control of food intake.  Dr Nicolas Chartrel, INSERM U982, Rouen, France
10:30 AM Coffee break
10.45 AM: Neuronal primary cilia: new actors in the regulation of food intake and energy balance. Pr Jérôme Trouslard, PPSN, Marseille
1.00 PM: Lunch
2.00 PM: Circadian clocks, food intake and metabolic disorders Dr Etienne  Challet, CNRS UPR 3212, Strasbourg
4.00 PM: Coffee break
4.15 PM: Restricted diet impact on cortical oxygenation and healthy brain function control Pr Saïd Boujraf, Fac Médecine, Fes, Morocco
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